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CAN is a partnership of governmental, non-profit, private and faith-based organizations which leverage mutual resources to collectively improve social, health, educational and economic opportunities in our community.

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Community Dashboard

CAN Dashboard

This annual snapshot for Greater Austin and Travis County tracks key indicators and local efforts to move the indicators in the right direction.

Cultural Competence, Diversity, and Inclusion Toolkit

Use these on-line resources and information to help organizations promote diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.

Policy makers, business and community leaders, service providers, and educators from across the five-county Austin metro area came together to consider how to ensure that the opportunity provided by our region’s growth is expanded to all people. Learn more.

together we can

CAN and Leadership Austin worked together to create this website that shares practical ideas of action we can all take where we live, learn, work, and serve to make our community a better place.

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