CAN Initiatives

Convene and Inform Towards Collaborative Action

Strategic Framework for Action

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2012 Policy Forum

About 135 community, business and non-profit leaders attended the CAN Policy Palooza on October 17, 2012. The goal of the full-day event was to explore the issues facing our community and the out-of-the-box thinking that can help us break through to the future we want.

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Pathway to Prosperity

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Planning Across the Housing Continuum

Proposed Structure and Membership

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Proportionality of Arrest Demographics

Currently there are efforts to convene criminal justice leaders in our community to have a conversation about the coordination of criminal justice activities, including those related to potentially reducing the disproportionality of arrest demographics. However, arrest disproportionality is an issue that arises due to multiple other systemic breakdowns and there are many preventative measures that could be taken to impact change. More conversation is needed among CAN stakeholders to determine how the community can better respond to the larger issue of disproportionality across systems.

Food Sustainability

In order to craft a community response to hunger, CAN has joined other community partners in a food sustainability effort. The group is currently working to:

  • Do an inventory of existing data that could be used to conduct a comprehensive assessment of hunger and food availability in Travis County
  • Ensure that this assessment builds off of Austin/Travis County's Community Health Assessment Process
  • Determine opportunities to coordinate local efforts with the work of the Sustainable Food Policy Board

The following link is a presentation about Food Security in Travis County, put together by the Community Action Network.


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