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Community Action Network is a unique partnership of agencies, organizations and individuals who work together to promote equity and opportunity and share a common vision for our community's social, health, educational and economic well‐being. CAN's role as a convener, connector and informer in the community is to enhance awareness of community issues and support collaborative action to maximize our community's resources and the impact of CAN Partners' efforts to improve the well‐being of people in our community.

One of the key strengths of CAN is the variety of agencies and perspectives that it brings together to focus on the community's issues. These include policymakers, elected officials, planners, social service providers, community advocates and government relations professionals. The challenge and opportunity of CAN's work plan is to utilize the resources, perspectives and knowledge these people bring to the table for the greatest good of the community as a whole.

Community Action Network 2012 Work Plan:

  What we will do together Who will take the lead
1 Enhance Awareness of Community Issues:
The 2012 Community Dashboard report will be used as a spring‐board for community conversations about our community conditions.
  • Enhance community awareness of issues with the release of the third annual CAN Community Dashboard which will include a Strategic Framework for Action, outlining key strategies to help us move the indicators in the right direction.
  • The CAN Board will assist in sharing the information in the dashboard within their own organizations and with their constituencies and the public at large.
  • CAN will update the web‐based version of the dashboard that provides drilldown information and links to other resources and issue‐specific dashboards, e.g. Ready‐By 21 Dashboard, and resources.
  • The Dashboard Steering Committee will work with stakeholders to identify community plans and key strategies for achieving each of the four community goals outlined in the CAN Community Dashboard. The Dashboard Steering Committee will consider updates/changes to indicators.
2 Connect Families and Individuals to Resources:
Continue to convene stakeholders to identify strategies to implement the Stable Families, Healthy Community 5‐Year Plan and enhance coordination of community services.
  • CAN will work with stakeholders and CAN board members to maximize enrollment in Medicaid, CHIP, food stamps, Earned Income Tax Credits, FAFSA, Medicare, and other programs through initiatives such as the Benefit Bank of Texas.
  • CAN will work with the Behavioral Health Planning Partnership and the CAN Partners to develop a plan for a Recovery Oriented System of Care.
  • Click to view upcoming meeting information for the Austin Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) Initiative.
3 Convene and Inform Toward Collaborative Action:
Building on the work done in 2011 to identify a common language for working together, CAN will vet and finalize a Strategic Framework for Action with key strategic building blocks, continue to convene dialogues to enhance the level of collaborative attention and action needed to move indicators in the right direction, and provide updates on collaborative efforts started in 2011.
  • CAN will work with the CAN Committees and Issue Area Groups to refine the Strategic Framework for Action.
  • The CAN Board will convene policy‐makers and other community leaders to share key Dashboard findings and the Strategic Framework for Action, identify how to better connect and leverage collaborative efforts to move indicators in the right direction, and consider ways that our community can adapt the way we do business to better address the needs of a growing, sprawling, diversifying community with an increasing low‐income population.
  • The CAN Board will receive updates on ongoing collaborative planning efforts including Workforce Solutions' Pathway to Prosperity initiative to enhance work opportunities for people who are low income (below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level), the Regional Housing Stakeholder Work Group addressing planning along the housing continuum, and the City's community health improvement planning process.
  • CAN will convene stakeholders to discuss critical issues, such as the proportionality of arrest demographics and food sustainability.
4 Examine and Enhance Awareness of Inequities and Demographic Trends:
Building on our work and information gained in 2011, CAN will continue to examine inequities and enhance awareness of the demographic trends, implications for our community's future, barriers to equity and opportunity for vulnerable populations, and potential solutions.
  • The Mappers & Planners Work Group comprised of key stakeholders, Issue Area Group leaders, demographers and planners from the five‐county area will convene a series of forums to share information on key demographic trends that will impact equity and opportunity. Forums will include information on key considerations for service delivery in a growing, sprawling, diversifying community.
  • The CAN Community Council will continue to host televised forums that include presentations on emerging issues, populations experiencing barriers to equity and opportunity, and potential collaborative solutions.
  • CAN will continue working with Issue Area Groups on research and maps to identify vulnerable populations and areas of the community needing attention.
5 Inform Network of Local Impact and Response to State and Federal Budget Cuts:
CAN Partner legislative/government relations staff will continue to work together to identify and enhance awareness of the impacts of state and federal budget cuts and the community's response to these cuts.
  • The Intergovernmental Public Policy Committee will bring reports of the Committee's work to the CAN Board of Directors.
  • CAN Board will work with the IPPC to organize a forum for public officials and policy makers to prepare for the 83rd Legislative Session.
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